9 Simple Steps to Effectively Sell Tickets Online


Putting together a fantastic event is usually the easy part for most event planners. Or rather, it is the less unnerving part. It is possible to put together a once in a lifetime party, only for a handful of people to turn up. Such an eventuality is why you should consider selling tickets online. There are many reasons why you should opt for an online ticket store; from reaching hundreds of people across the divide to the convenience, security, and so many more. Here are tips to help you sell your tickets online:Choose your online ticketing platformThere are hundreds of excellent [...]

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Multi-Channel Retailing: Pros and Cons


Once upon a time, going down to physical shop was a customer's only option. Now, the smart phone is part and parcel of every day’s shopping mission. Along with the rapidly increasing online trade, businesses need to do some changes. This is because it influences the overall purchasing behavior of customers. Technology is key part, which can make it possible. Multi-channel retailing is a new virtual selling platform which enables businesses to offer multiple options to customers, and thus allows customers to interact more. Why Multi-Channel Retailing Is Important? Multi-channel retailing is a marketing concept that is evolving on continuous pace. [...]

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Multi-Channel Vs. Omni-Channel Retailing: What’s The Difference?


People often confuse multi-channel retailing with Omni channel. Although these terms are not new, has been around for quite long. Most retailers are now selling their items across multiple channels, while some of them offer Omni channel experience to customers. However, both multi and Omni channel retailing depends on selling across various digital and physical stores. The main difference lies in customer experience across those multiple channels. From traditional multichannel retailing, one can have both website (with its available stock), and brick-and-mortar store selling directly to customers with their own stock. If customers prefer to buy product in stores they can, [...]

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Multi-Channel Retailing- A Run Down of The Basics


The world is moving towards Ecommerce. But, this does not mean that brick and mortar stores are obsolete. There are various people who prefer physical stores over digital ones. On the other hand, there are quite a few who like the opposite. How do you then go about satisfying everyone? Simple, you create multi channel enterprise commerce platforms. What is multi channel ecommerce? Looking for multi channel retailing definition? Don’t worry. It is not a complex mumbo-jumbo. The method simply states that a retailer should target its key audience on an array of channels. There are different types of multi channel [...]

Multi-Channel Retailing- A Run Down of The Basics2018-04-24T12:57:17+00:00
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