Multi-Channel RetailingThe world is moving towards Ecommerce. But, this does not mean that brick and mortar stores are obsolete. There are various people who prefer physical stores over digital ones. On the other hand, there are quite a few who like the opposite.

How do you then go about satisfying everyone? Simple, you create multi channel enterprise commerce platforms.

What is multi channel ecommerce?

Looking for multi channel retailing definition? Don’t worry. It is not a complex mumbo-jumbo. The method simply states that a retailer should target its key audience on an array of channels. There are different types of multi channel retailing. It encompasses a multi channel selling platform, retailing as well as a promotional platform.

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Multi channel retailing examples include businesses like clothing stores. Here, you target your customers via traditional promotional methods and via digital platforms as well. Similarly, you give them the option of buying via an e-commerce site, social media or brick, and mortar store.

All in all, you deliver an integrated experience that exposes them to your brand from all directions.

Multichannel retailing advantages and disadvantages

Creating the best multi channel ecommerce platform is not easy. Even if you create it, managing it can be stressful.

With more channels, it can get hard to keep track of the inventory. The sheer amount of data coming in will seem daunting and hard to manage. Since multi channel ecommerce software comparison is based on speed, you also need to deliver swiftness. This means more operational challenges.

However, there are quite a few advantages of taking a multi channel approach. Firstly, you are able to build positive perceptions about your company. Customers prefer brands that think ahead and deliver convenience. A multi-channel approach does exactly this. This will also translate to increase in sales. This is because you will be able to address the need of the different type of customers. This includes those who are active on social media, those who prefer online shopping and individuals who like conventional methods.


A multi channel retailing ppt will tell you that this approach is up and coming. It is no longer a matter of “if”. Instead, it has now become a must. Don’t get lost in the crowd in this fast-paced world. Deliver what your customers want. A multi-channel experience is one of the things.

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